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Life Groups

Life Groups are small groups of friends "DOING LIFE TOGETHER" and encouraging each other to grow in understanding and living out God's Word.

Here are some helpful tips on being an involved Life Group member:

Be a Good Listener

Go into your Life Group committed to listening. Try to understand rather than be understood. There are a lot of hurting people who come to Life Groups to unload. They need your compassion and empathy. The first place to start is to listen intently.

Don't be so quick to share your story. Listen to the stories of others. In one sense, when you listen to others, you are earning your right to be heard. Granted, at times this can be hard and painful. You will have to listen to poor decisions, bad habits, and people who grate on your sensibilities. Yet, listening is one of the chief characteristics of love, and Jesus told us to love one another and be patient with one another.


After you have thoroughly listened, be ready to contribute. Some people in the group may talk too much, but the other extreme is not talking at all. It's a time to rejoice when a proactive listener also contributes to the discussion. When people share their thoughts, Its easy to  blurt out an immediate answer but the considerate and thoughtful approach will involve the whole group. 

Don't allow one or two people to dominate the entire meeting. Be a contributor. You have something important to say. Even if someone else has given the right answer, there's always more than one way to apply the answer. Other people in the group want to hear what you think.

Share with Transparency

Tell the group how you really feel. Open up the windows of your heart and let people see the real you. The best Life Group members share their joys and struggles. They respond to the lesson questions based on how God is working in their lives. They speak in the first person, rather than the third person.

Some group members always give impersonal answers about what the Bible says, what others should do, or how people in general should live. Their answers might be correct, but they don't go deep enough. They don't zero in on how God's Word has touched their own lives.

Take advantage of the intimate, family atmosphere of the Life Group by sharing what's really happening in your life—and allowing others to hold you accountable. One of the key differences between a Life Group and the Sunday service is the chance to share personally, receive prayer, and get to know others more deeply.

Be a Responsible Member

Responsibility means the leader can count on you. The best Life Group members make a commitment to be there for each gathering. They also let the leader know in advance when they can't make it. Granted, life presents unforeseen obstacles. But if you can't make it to the group, call or text the leader that you won't be there.

Responsible membership also involves arriving on time to the group. For example, one couple is consistently 30 minutes late. They don't behave this way for doctor's appointments or for scheduled lawyer client sessions. Yet, with their actions, they were saying to everyone else that the small group wasn't really a priority. Their late arrival was also a distraction because we were often praying or worshipping when they entered. Someone had to answer the door and their arrival normally disrupted what we were doing. Make it a point to arrive on time.